Innovators and Leaders in the Development of Environmentally Sensitive Coating Technologies

Elamet: The world wide leading technology of vacuum deposited metal coatings for maximum efficiency in EMI/RFI & ESD protection.

VacMet – VMI’s proprietary system of thin film decorative and/or functional coatings. For application on virtually any substrate with an infinite variety of colors available.

Decorative coating products define a class of environmentally sensitive thin film processes ideally suited for consumer, commercial or industrial product needs.

VacMet coatings will meet all world wide requirements for environmental specifications and manufacturing codes.

We welcome all opportunities to demonstrate our capacity to meet your most stringent cost and performance specifications. The Star-Wars robot, C-3PO, shown in animation represents a unique, but not unusual demonstration of the enormous capability of thin film decorative coatings.–VacMet

Our Vacuum Metalizing and painting techniques allow us to achieve brilliant functional, flexible, durable, and attractive finishes on many types of plastic, glass, and metal.  Our in house tool shop  gives us the ability to build custom tooling and masks for your application to optimize throughput and cost effectiveness.–VacMet